We’ve worked with lots of great people over the years. Here’s what just a few have had to say about Come And See Atlanta, LLC

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    Ralph M.

“I started working with Come And See Atlanta, LLC last year and appreciate the level of honesty and due diligence received to effectively communicate the deal without misunderstanding. I now have a new found respect for the amount of effort involved on each deal moving forward!”

    Sandra P.

Sir Justus Abramelech is a great investor to work with and has structured win-win deals in GA. If you want a property at a huge discount, Come And See Atlanta, LLC is where you want to be.”

    Ronan C.

"I have worked with Come And See Atlanta, LLC and assisted them with their business development. Their marketing strategy has gained the momentum to be a huge player in the metro Atlanta market. In due time this company will be a household name of a more favorable reputation hard to beat!"

    Diego S.

Come And See Atlanta, LLC is our first recommendation for getting the best wholesale deals on properties at a great price. We’ll be buying more properties from them for a quite some time.”